WOW offers a well-being programme that uses literacy and language to build confidence and self-esteem amongst children. WOW and its children discuss the importance of factors such as:

  • Respect for oneself and others
  • Trying one’s best and not making weak excuses for a lack of effort
  • Honesty and not blaming other people when it is your fault
  • Learning from your errors and bouncing back from bad experiences
  • Using wisdom (both in and out of school)
  • Good behaviour and staying clear of trouble
  • Being inspired by appropriate role models
  • Helping both oneself and others
  • Choosing the right friends
  • Adhering to safe and secure practices
  • Clean living-and the avoidance of drugs, alcohol and crime
  • Facing challenges and overcoming obstacles
  • Enhancing personal talents and achieving one’s goals
  • The value of money and adult responsibilities within this apea
  • Having aspirations/dreams and working towards progress
  • Planning for the future.

If any school wishes to know more about employing the services of WOW they can call 07981 633361 or email: