World of Words (WOW) is a non-profit, social enterprise with a management committee, policies and a constitution (backed by Interlink and Business in Focus).

In 2009 Only Boys Allowed (OBA) began via the Read a Million Words quest to improve literacy amongst boys. The success of OBA led to an Only Girls Allowed (OGA) project. WOW united OBA and OGA. 19 schools and over 2100 children have sampled WOW classes.

WOW has an interest in the young (and not always trouble-free) lives of children in an area of Wales that has many problems (e.g. broken families, drug/alcohol abuse, high unemployment, random crime, ill health and a feeling of hopelessness). WOW offers hope and enforces positive values.

WOW offers a well-being programme that uses literacy and language to build confidence and self-esteem amongst children. WOW aims towards a singular and collective development in its youngsters. WOW children and their next of kin are also rewarded with a range of prizes and experiences. WOW offers flexibility as it responds to referrals given by its schools. Children joining WOW sessions may be:

  • Reluctant readers who will benefit from motivation and engagement
  • Low achievers and underachievers e.g. struggling readers
  • Dyslexic
  • Of ethnic origin and extra support with the English language is necessary
  • In need of positire interaction with a male role model
  • Requiring special attention because of other issues (e.g. behaviour)
  • Beneficiaries of individual attention (N.B. We work with smaller groups)
  • Infants who are moving up to junior school and need extra reading help
  • Year Six children who can upgrade skills before they leave primary school
  • Failing in other areas of school but a like of reading can build upon a core skill
  • Responsive to the array of different literary tools that are used in our sessions
  • Up to the challenge of winning WOW incentives
  • Better suited to working in a same gender learning group
  • Lacking assistance at home and therefore extra help is essential
  • Unable to access a public library.
  • Happier with the freedom to choose a book provided by WOW.
  • Suffering a shortfall in their writing. We can introduce different exercises
  • Seeking an avenue for debate and discussion
  • Keen to have stories written for them and WOW responds with a tome of tales
  • Looking for a fun way of taking their reading and education forward

The scheme needs to fundraise to help deliver its sessions and you can donate and hopefully claim gift aid at this link:

If your school or community scheme wishes to join up and use the bespoke services of WOW, please get in touch via the below means:



Telephone: 07981 633361


Twitter: @worldofwordswow

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Instagram: worldofwords232