WOW: Fundraises; hunts for incentives (that provide incredible experiences for children); searches for resources, and arranges guest visits. WOW has introduced the police, fire service, military, The Dog’s Trust and writers to enforce good values.

A visiting poet who also works in prisons explained that many people who broke the law do so because they have wasted their education. As many as 50% of prisoners cannot read or write. A need to be literate is dovetailed with a call to prevent crime.

WOW uses self-penned stories/poems (with positive messages), other texts, plus further inspirational ideas. Book reviews and/or a chance to write stories also aid comprehension/spelling/grammar. The pupils enjoy the relaxed environment of WOW and they provide oral and written responses. Each week diverse materials offer different ability levels a chance to participate and gain new interests.

WOW has had positive media with regular updates in the Rhondda Leader and online. WOW has gained respect from the likes of: Leighton Andrews AM (former Welsh Assembly Education Minister) and Leanne Wood AM/Plaid Cymru Leader.

WOW forms many bonds; and, organising incentives plus precise planning ensures that the kids go to prize events. The children and their nearest and dearest share in many rewards e.g.: sports/theatre tickets; playscheme and theme park admission; plus books and even more gifts. WOW also gets schools free materials and bargains