Rob Jones

World of Words (WOW) is a non-profit, social enterprise with a management committee, policies and a constitution (backed by Interlink and Business in Focus).

In 2009 Only Boys Allowed (OBA) began via the Read a Million Words quest to improve literacy amongst boys. The success of OBA led to an Only Girls Allowed (OGA) project. WOW united OBA and OGA. 20 schools plus additional community facilities and over 2800 children have sampled WOW classes and storytelling sessions.

WOW has an interest in the young (and not always trouble-free) lives of children in an area of Wales that has many problems (e.g. broken families, drug/alcohol abuse, high unemployment, random crime, ill health and a feeling of hopelessness). WOW offers hope and enforces positive values.

WOW offers a well-being programme that uses literacy and language to build confidence and self-esteem amongst children. WOW aims towards a singular and collective development in its youngsters. WOW children and their next of kin are also rewarded with a range of prizes and experiences. WOW offers flexibility as it responds to referrals given by its schools.

Please donate to on Facebook before 9 July 2020. Kind folk can donate anything from £4 up to the extremities of £800. However, any help is gratefully appreciated and sums raised can drive on our programme for its aspirations to help folk in the future. Please go to the below link, if you can offer assistance: