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Myrddin links up with Cwmclydach

By Rob Jones It is many thanks to Myrddin Ap Dafydd for his online chat about his novel The Black Pit of Tonypandy. The Year 6 children of Cwmclydach Primary School enjoyed the afternoon. Then it was back to WOW classes and more discussion about the aforementioned book. WOW made contact with Myrddin as they […]

Cwm on kids!

Cwm on kids! By Rob Jones BookSlam is an annual competition for primary schools in Wales and is based on reading English-language books. A Fab 4 year 5 group from a Rhondda school put on a polished performance in front of the Bookslam judge. The Cwmclydach Primary children were immense and they created a great deal […]

Cwmclydach Primary School Book Launch

By Rob Jones What a fabulous day it was as Jenny Sullivan launched her book The School Owl online from her French home direct to Cwmclydach Primary School. Jenny has used the school as the location for the story and has used the pupil’s names to create her characters. Jenny explained her reasons for the […]

From South Africa to WOW

By Rob Jones What a great afternoon for World of Words as the non-profit children’s literacy and well-being good cause invited their good friend Grant Adams to speak to years 5 and 6 in Ton Pentre Junior School. Grant told his story of growing up in South Africa and then swapping his home to the […]