Chapter One
Penyrefail Boys Club and Tonygraig Boys Club have always been rivals on the football field. Whatever age groups played each other it was a special match when these two teams met on a soccer pitch. Whoever won had an extra slice of pleasure! Happy days!

Chapter Two
This season the under 12’s of Penyrefail and Tonygraig fought out a sporting battle at the top of their Valleys League. As an exciting season ended these two sides were level with each other in a battle for the number one spot in the division.
This was very exciting!

Chapter Three
The top of the table had Penyrefail and Tonygraig level on points with the same goals scored and the same goals conceded.
The teams had lost only one game each throughout the season.
These talented young footballers could not be separated!

Chapter Four
Penyrefail had lost only one fixture and that was a 2-1 defeat at Tonygraig. Meanwhile, Tonygraig had lost only once and that was a 2-1 defeat at Penyrefail!
These two teams seemed to be equal in every way-but, there can only be a single championship winner!

Chapter Five
The two valley teams had closed the season at the top of the league but the title trophy could not be given to both of the sides! The league had to be decided in a one-off game that would be like a cup final!
This situation had never happened before!

Chapter Six
The nerves were jangling and a lot of pressure was on two squads of young soccer players who were not even teenagers as yet!
Life is full of difficult challenges that offer you just the one chance to succeed!
It is up to people to try their best?

Chapter Seven
22 junior footballers
were set to face a large test. On a hot June day an important game would decide who will be the team that triumphs i.e. Penyrefail or Tonygraig?
Penyrefail went 1-0 up with a well-worked goal
that was headed in to the net on 22 minutes.

Chapter Eight
As the game was coming to an end Penyrefail were on top –but then their goalkeeper brought down a Tonygraig winger. The winger lay on the floor motionless and he screamed! He was carried from the field. Had he possibly broken his leg?

Chapter Nine
It was a penalty and a sending off! Penyrefail had lost their goalkeeper and they had to face a penalty! A Tonygraig player was badly injured and he was on his way to hospital. Things were tense. A football match (and peoples lives) can change so quickly.

Chapter Ten
Penyrefail were seconds away from winning the league, but now they had to think about a big problem.
Straight away Penyrefail took off a defender and brought on their reserve goalkeeper. Tonygraig had other things to think about!

Chapter Eleven
The second choice goalkeeper came on to the pitch and he had to save a penalty and rescue the day for his team. Penyrefail had substituted a defender and placed confidence in a goalkeeper who had only played two games that season!
Could he respond?

Chapter Twelve
Was the fresh goalkeeper up to the task of saving a penalty?………..
A young boy had sat on the sidelines for much of the season. He had played a tiny role in the success of his side. The reserve number one could be a hero!

Chapter Thirteen
The game was in its dying moments. If the penalty was saved Penyrefail would win the league.
If the match was not settled in normal playing time there would be extra time and possibly even more penalties! There was so much excitement!

Chapter Fourteen
The outcome of this one penalty spot kick
has a nervous, new Penyrefail goalkeeper face an under pressure
Tonygraig striker!
The sad thing was that one poor youngster may have broken his leg and that incident was far more important than the result of the game!
Chapter Fifteen
• What happens next?
• Does the reserve goalkeeper save the penalty?
• Will the game go in to extra time?
• Do Penyrefail or Tonygraig win the game?
• What happens in hospital?
• Does the Tonygraig player recover from the foul that led to his accident?

• Please make up a tale and tell your own exciting story!