By Rob Jones

It is many thanks to Myrddin Ap Dafydd for his online chat about his novel The Black Pit of Tonypandy. The Year 6 children of Cwmclydach Primary School enjoyed the afternoon. Then it was back to WOW classes and more discussion about the aforementioned book. WOW made contact with Myrddin as they have been studying his work for the recent Bookslam competition. It was a successful day!

The Welsh author is amazing character who formed his own publishing company – Gwasg Carreg Gwalch in 1980. He is a Welsh writer, publisher and chaired bard. In 2018 he was elected Archdruid of Wales in 2018. He is also a director of the Cwrw Llyn brewery in Nefyn and of the Oriel Tonnau Art Gallery in Pwllheli.

Myrddin spoke openly about his reason for writing the book about a 1910 Tonypandy that was under the realms of the mining industry – where the pit owners became rich and powerful at the hands of a workforce that along with their families struggled to survive. Myrddin discussed the mining links in his family and his journey from his North Wales home to the south of the principality in order to research and construct his incredible tale of Rhondda poverty at the turn of the twentieth century.

A lot of learning was achieved and WOW notched up another score by getting Myrddin to offer up his time and as a result the children of Cwmclydach benefited.