Rob Jones
(World of Words fundraiser, tutor and administrator)

The bond between World of Words and Ton Pentre Junior School has provided many highlights across the years but in 2022/23 there has been another action packed year.

Ton Pentre Juniors go beyond the course of duty in order to offer their throng the best of everything they do and WOW is pleased to play a role in this caring and sharing attitude and application. The school has a genuine stake in our participation and this is so pleasing to have points of contact to both communicate and exchange details.

WOW i.e. www.worldofwords.educationhas spread its wings offering their bespoke services. There has been learning and nurturing opportunities via daytime classes while a range of personalities have interacted with students from across the school.

WOW has created an ever evolving crop of diverse tools to stimulate the daily demands of development. Our programme has led to advantages in terms of education, enjoyment and entertainment for the students chosen by the school as well as many other juveniles who have participated via our series of speakers.

The 2021/22 guests WOW has welcomed include:

Author and poet, Jenny Sullivan*

Television and radio gardening celebrity, Terry Walton*

Local historian, Phil Rowlands*

Paralympian, Rhys Jones

International footballer, John Emanuel

Artist, poet and TV/radio broadcaster, Sion Tomos Owen

Artist and sculptor, Barry Lewis

Motivational speaker and Pastor, Grant Adams

*(on more than occasion)

Other propositions are also in the pipeline as we aim to give the children a host of experiences and forge a link with adulthood aspirations, employment opportunities and educational enhancement. WOW also offers well-being via their rewards programme that has seen families enjoy free days out and tickets to a plethora of events over the years and hopefully, more such occasions in the time ahead.

In 2022/23 plans are in place for link ups with the Senedd, The Worker’s Art Gallery, and returns from some of our faithful regulars such as Terry Walton, Phil Rowlands and John Emmanuel among others. The opportunities to liaise with the likes of Air Ambulance Wales, The Dog’s Trust and The Cat’s Protection League have already forwarded to the school.

WOW is available for school time classes, after school clubs, story time sessions and one to one tuition. 20 schools and over 3000 youngsters have been involved at a variety of times across the span of the initiative and we hope that Ton Pentre Juniors can continue its lengthy union with WOW in to the future.

The WOW motto is ‘Life is a test, just try your best!’ and in all fairness the children of Ton Pentre Junior School have followed this mantra with aplomb. Best wishes to the school for 2033/23 – onward and upward!

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