WOW has helped RCT kids and over 2100 of them and 19 schools have benefited
We are not a registered charity. WOW is a non profit social enterprise with a voluntary management committee and constitution. All of our work comes through fundraising and there is even more emphasis on our accruing of revenue as the local authority has made savage cutbacks to the education budget. However, we will not be defeated and your help to our organisation provides the chance to assist more kids with their literacy, language and well being needs.

This year we have even taken 5 and 6 year olds for the first time and our catchment goes through to 11 year olds as we aim to help these youngsters before they move on the comprehensive school.

We also go beyond the classroom and also offer families ‘free’ opportunities and days out. Every rugby season we have children and adult accompaniment off to Pontypridd RFC for the day. The kids are mascots and they met the players, form a guard of hnour for the out coming teams, collect autographs and have their pictures in the next match programme!

What a day!

Recent expeditions have included a trip to Cardiff Castle, Wales tickets for games (against Andorra, Holland and Northern Ireland), admission to home fixtures for Newport Dragons, Cardiff Blues, The Scarlets as well as Cardiff City. There has also been attendance at the Rumble in the Jungle playscheme, front row seats at a pantomime and free tours of The Rhondda Heritage Park plus children have received free books.

Whatever you could decide to give would be a massive bonus!

We have a lot of younger kids this year so we have to react to their needs and wishes. We aim for prevention before cure and let’s get more kids enjoying the written word as our council have closed libraries and are looking to reduce hours and facilities. Nursery provision has also been minimised and several local schools are set to be closed. Therefore, WOW has even more importance.