Rob Jones
Driving instructor Rob Ivin visited Cwmclydach Primary School via World of Words to have a chat with local children about his job and how reading and language []plays an important role in the driving process. Rob was a success and the year 5 and 6 youngsters were enthused via their attentive listening and lively questions. Rob gave up his valuable time and engaged with a large group as he shared in his experiences as both an instructor and instructor of instructors. The pupils were a credit to the school and well done all and it is also a round of applause to the staff for their contributions as well.
Once again it is major thanks to Rob for this kind act and if you can help World of Words please go to www.worldofwords.educationor email NB Go to…/dri…/2768/ you are looking for a driving lesson with Rob Ivin. or call 07876 214588