WOW has been studying a variety of subjects at Cwmclydach Primary School in the Summer 2023 term, including the dangers of mountain arson, and the negatives of dumping litter. The students who come to us are future leaders and their acknowledgement of both good values and bad behaviours augurs well for the future.

On the back of WOW stories there has been a call to the children to write their own tales and that has resulted in a range of themes. As regards to World of Words without as much as a prompt or even a chat about our work this account came in from Alfie in Year 6. WOW was emotionally enlightened by the contents and delighted with the positives that have been associated with our presence at Cwm. Credit from the youngsters is the ultimate approval of the work undertaken by WOW and this short story is packed full of joy as regards the influence of our sessions.

WOW is so grateful for these kind words and it will be a real shame to see this class depart from the school as they move on to the next stage of their education.