By Rob Jones

RCT children’s literacy and well-being project World of Words has made a valuable bond with Sion Tomos Owen. To be in the orbit of a legend is indeed a pleasure and WOW asked their long term pal to pop up to Clydach Vale! This talented guy responded to a call and a chance to display his artistic ability came to the fore.

Sion can inspire the not so confident and upwards to create genuinely inventive and imaginative visual images and dozens of Cwmclydach Primary School pupils were the beneficiaries.

Several youngsters did not feel that they were competent artists as the session started. However, some magic from Sion – and a surge of input from the participants meant that by the end of an entertaining afternoon every child had shown diligence via their diverse drawings.
Whether it be in the formats of portrait or caricatures there was so much skill on offer and an all around feel good factor was felt by all in attendance – from Years 4 to 6. It is many thanks to S.T.O. for another splendid occasion and his own endeavour amazed the throng with a rapid reproduction of teacher Mr. Curtis gaining much admiration.

WOW arranged for the author Jenny Sullivan to make a successful online link up from France to Cwmclydach within the week as well – and that was a hit. Sion maintained the momentum and further exciting WOW visitors are planned.

A WOW class followed and well done to those children who had written lovely stories about the beach after receiving some pretty pebbles and cute little shells in order to kick start a writing process. WOW has concentrated on getting the group members to pick up a pencil and a blank piece of paper and let their imaginations run wild. There have been some great responses and long may that trend continue. Sion also showed that you can grab a pencil and paper and it is away to go. There is no need for technology!

World of Words cares, dares and shares and once again via their classes and role models introduced positive productivity has resulted. WOW can also partner with other schools and if you shop at Tesco (Talbot Green, Pontyclun or Cowbridge) please pop some blue tokens in the World of Words box to assist their fundraising to help run services that have helped many, many young people. Check WOW out at