Rob Jones

Welsh international athlete Lauren Cooper was the World of Words guest of honour at Cwmclydach Primary School. Lauren voluntarily travelled over from Blackwood to speak with an attentive and inquisitive gathering of years 4, 5 and 6.
The afternoon was a huge hit with the children in fine fettle and a series of interesting questions ensued.
Lauren and her boyfriend were training at the running track, Tonypandy and I stopped for a chat. As a result she has kindly given up her time on a couple of occasions to speak with local youngsters. We are most grateful for the input of Lauren and her inspirational talk will hopefully have a positive impact on our future athletes.
After this session World of Words led its weekly class with the year 5 and 6 groups coming along together as time was of the essence. We managed to read the World of Words – WOW penned story – Selfish Simon and the furious Fire which is a fictional tale about the factual dangers of arson.
There were some valid points of discussion and the children are writing their own tales on the back of this literary experience. The tales handed in this week about nature and wildlife were of a high quality, so we eagerly await next week’s results.
All in all a hugely successful Wednesday at Cwm with both fine academia and behaviour to the fore. If anyone can help World of Words please email