Rob Jones

An amazing afternoon for World Of Words at Cwmclydach Primary School. The afternoon began with author Claire Fayers travelling from Gilwern, near Abergavenny to Mid Rhondda to speak to the children of years 4, 5 and 6 at the Wern Street school.
Claire entertained the youngsters with her own writings and also local Welsh fairy tales. She then asked the students to get involved and create their own conclusion to a story she had set up for them. There were some incredible responses indicating a range of vibrant imaginations. Congratulations all and it was another triumph for WOW and a fabulous experience for the pupils of Cwmclydach.

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From there is was off to the WOW session where year 5 and 6 united and there was more variety in the vaults as we studied about Ensis Ensis – the razor clam. Some examples of shells from this mollusc were introduced and WOW notes on the subject complimented the specimens. The gang were then asked to write their own fact or fiction account of marine life and there were some interesting responses. Once again, a big well done!
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