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NACE is the National Association of Able Children in Education and this progressive organisation has been working in tangent with Cwmclydach Primary School. The school participated in an assessment with senior NACE official Rhiannon Jenkins monitoring reports, visiting the school and analysing internal operations. WOW played a role in proceedings with a lengthy document submitted, a session of ours viewed and a lengthy chat with Mrs Jenkins on site. Cwmclydach came out of the overview with flying colours and the integral innovative involvement of WOW and our introduction of writer Jenny Sullivan was celebrated. The final NACE appreciation included the below approval of World of Words*:

‘Senior leaders stress the importance of impressing on pupils that they can achieve anything they set their minds to and this results in pupils
participating confidently in various activities e.g. book

competitions and communicating with the author Jenny Sullivan in France. She is writing a book about the school as well as proof reading literary
work by MAT/EAT pupils.

Links have also been made with writer Rob Jones (WOW) who visits the school to help improve the reading and writing of MAT/EAT pupils. Cwmclydach’s
case study of Year 5 and 6 pupils who attended his sessions was extremely impressive as he had noted that an interest in reading could improve the writing skills of the pupils. Having spoken to him during the visit, and read the case study, it was impressive
to see that at the beginning of his work only 50% of the pupils enjoyed reading, but by the end of the case study, more than 83.5% of the pupils not only enjoyed the books but their writing had also improved. The books selected and discussed were of an above
average reading age’.

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