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WOW at Wales international

Children’s literacy and well-being project World of Words i.e. organised free tickets for Olly Reeves of Ton Pentre Juniors plus a family member to attend the Wales v Armenia game. Mr. Jeff Roberts who is Acting Head Teacher at Ton Pentre made this lovely comment, when the school were informed: ‘That’s great Rob. Thank […]

Another positive for WOW

Children’s literacy and well-being programme World of Words i.e. arranged free tickets for Charlie Williams of Cwmclydach Primary and his dad to attend the Wales v Armenia football international at the Cardiff City Stadium. Mrs. Linsey Owens received the attached photograph after the game and made this nice comment: ‘Thanks for these Rob. Looks […]

Rocco speaks to WOW

Rocco Dean has written four books about the fortunes and misfortunes of Leeds United FC and as World of Words has been lucky enough to welcome a variety of football related characters it was nice to invite a soccer writer into the fold. Rocco is based in Yorkshire but he gave up his time to […]

WOW honoured by the children

by Rob Jones Thanks to the good folk of Cwmclydach Primary School for a lovely birthday treat in honour of World of Words leader Rob Jones. This uplifting card and a box of chocolates came from the Year 6 group and the lovely messages included prove the worth of World of Words i.e. www.worldofwords.educationwhich is […]

Credit from Cwmclydach

by Rob Jones What a lovely couple of comments in favour of www.worldofwords.educationi.e. World of Words (WOW) from Mrs Linsey Owens, Head Teacher of Cwmclydach Primary School:’Thank you so much, your commitment to our children and school is second to none and is appreciated by us all’ and ‘On []behalf of us all at Cwmclydach […]

WOW tackles waste

by Rob Jones World of Words i.e. www.worldofwords.educationhas already been the recipient of a Business in Focus ‘Green Goal Award’ for its ambitions to promote and maintain sustainability. WOW leader Rob Jones is an avid litter picker and environmental campaigner – and, across the period April 2022 to April 2023 he collected over 400 bags […]

International goalkeeper visits WOW

by Rob Jones Former World of Words member Nathan Shepperd is now 22 and a professional footballer at Dundalk FC in the Republic of Ireland while he has also played for the Wales under 21 team. Nathan visited Cwmclydach Primary School and Ton Pentre Junior Schools. He generously shared his experiences with Years 4, 5 […]

World of Words 2022 Appraisal

The below will give you some insight into the core of the work undertaken in 2022 plus an array of guests introduced and to also show how much goes on behind the scenes to ensure partner schools get the best. January 2023 marks our 13th anniversary and my 15th year of working in the environment […]

Easy fundraising for World of Words

by Rob Jones Easyfundraising is a FREE shopping forum which if you go through the attached link you can help raise raise cash for the good cause of World of Words I.e. – which assists RCT children with their well-being and literacy. You can shop at a variety of online options e.g. Amazon, […]